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Basement Framing

Floating Walls

Birdie Builds offers quality framing for basements.

Floating walls are walls that are constructed to shift slightly when the floor or ceiling within the space expands or contracts. While looking like any other type of wall, a floating wall is outfitted with plates along the bottom of the framing. The plates make it possible for the structure to move slightly up or down in order to accommodate contractions or expansions without creating any cracks in the surfacing of the wall itself. A wall of this type is often used in basements or other spaces where a concrete slab is used for the flooring.


Basement Ceilings have their share of obstacles in the road to work around. Most basement ceiling obstacles can be hidden-away inside framed soffits. Soffits consist of 2 main components, the “ladders” and the “cross-over” members. Building soffits for your basement project ceilings is an important task to ensure your project goes smoothly!

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