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Electrical: Welcome


All full time employees are limited to 50 hrs a week. This is to ensure they are not over worked which could result in injuries and also gives time for life and family!

All employees are strictly background checked.

All employees are are well compensated for there excellent work.

All employees are licensed and experienced in there trade.

Birdie Electric is a zero tolerance Drug and Alcohol free work place.



Owner and operator of Birdie Electric is a Master Electrician and involved in the daily operations. 15 yrs of experience in Industrial, Commercial and Residential electrical systems.


John is fantastic to work with. A real professional that is very knowledgeable. He will leave your home better than he found it and does outstanding work!

Events and Benefits

Top Golf Safety Meeting

Yearly Top Golf Safety Meeting. 1st Monday of June is reserved for the Birdie Electric Safety meeting. We review our safety standards while trying to get a BIRDIE at Top Golf!!!


Family Zoo Pass

Family is important and Colorado has many amazing things for us to enjoy. In honor of this, Birdie Electric Employee Families are given yearly passes to visit the Denver Zoo!

We are always interested in Colorado's Best Electricians

Clean MVR and background

5,000+ Verifiable Electrical hours

Reliable and Licensed

Send Resumes to

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